Forty-four Years from Martin to Trayvon

April 4th ’12

Rain, thunder, and through the canvas pop-up I can see lightening, as I choose to pluck this moment, a thunderous and weeping moment in our history, when 44 years ago in my hometown, Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down, turned martyr by a corrupt and lawless information broker who ruled with secretive surveillance.  Forty-four years from Martin to Trayvon Martin who was slain with rainbow-colored candy and sweetened tea in his hands, under surveillance for being “young gifted and black”  and beautifull.   His young black life exposed and put on trial,  the information holders, accumulators of all digital data activity, our intimate details most willingly, so ANY two-bit hacker can disclose to the world what you think is private.  We turn on the ever-watching eye in our most intimate of spaces and times.   Forty-four years from Martin to Trayvon Martin, “walking while black and hooded”.  Is Florida telling U.S. What time it is? Didn’t we know (see) from Louisiana after Katrina, for the Black richness soul that is the City of  New Orleans?

I knew after that storm came through, after I saw so many people who looked like loves I knew, faces like mine or somebody I loved, left to die in abandoned nursing homes and packed  to starve in a super dome.  What is our government’s plan for people living in poverty in times of climate chaos? What did New Orleans tell us?  The plan for problematic po’ folks is the po’ po’ state.  “Send money and guns” said Bush.  The National Guard turned on our own  in times of disaster and emergency, for rescue medical aid and drinking water were not forthcoming.  Keep your money I need water.

Forty-four years from Martin to Trayvon Martin, and 42 years as me.  My whole lifetime and who can measure our progress as humans under this system in ever-watching enslaved country.

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