from I Have a Dream to I Have a Drone

from I Have a Dream to I Have a Drone

From “I have a Dream” to “I have a Drone”

Instead of non-violence and compassion shown,
Assata Shakur and Edward Snowden are hunted down.
And the “evils of racism, militarism and economic exploitation”
have been taken to new heights in this fractured nation.

Add to those triple evils, the evil of legalized misogyny,
and fifty years since Martin’s Dream and we still ain’t free
to have affordable housing and just work for our labors
or to walk while black without fear from our neighbors.

Instead of emulating the content of character of MLK,
President Obama models the hate-mongering of J.
Edgar Hoover who created racist sexist watching in secrecy,
Condoning killing and jaling of activists, manipulating with money.

As former Prez Carter sez of these times, the U.S. has lost
( the illusion of ) democracy, military corporatism’s final cost,
The only growth is in jobs in surveillance and supposed security
Long gone the democratic republic and economic stability.


Compassionate people have no need of celebrity
making appearance as philanthropic charity.
The glamorous Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z
have shown no allegiance to those living in poverty.
The capitalist systems they serve and represent
are the reason Z-man will not repent
for killing in cold blood Trayvon Martin.

Martin. Martin. Martin.
President Obama rides on black folks backs,
our emotional allegiance to Martin and Malcom X.
He is both grieving father and sacrificial son
in every regard to Trayvon,
the Nobel Peace laureate in Washington.

Why now call on the blood of liberationists so hard?
The global Bank Masters finally playing  the race card?
The P.R. man in residence, an 8 year term as  President
spreading the messages of global banksters so eloquent,
from the mouth of handsome brown  intelligent
spokesperson for the Real “Leaders of the (un)Free World”.
Liborg what?  Is that a Star Trek episode?

‘Coal is Clean and Keystone key to independent oil energy.
Ah, yes, and Jamie Dimon is the best in the finance industry ,
so must have been unforeseeable for a bank like JP Morgan Chase
to lose so catastrophically the money which is tax payer based.
Pensions, education, healthcare must suck it up and tighten belts.
Detroit? Well, be realistic in expecting federal government help.

Private Manning and the tortured hunger strikers held in unjust jails
Risk life and liberty revealing war crimes and the inhumanity of solitary cells.
Assange proves that journalism is a courageous libratory profession
As the Wiki-Leaks vetted through media war crimes and confession.

Presidential lips don’t speak the names publicly of those who speak honestly.
The people under arrest are the ones telling truth and acting with conscience
While those who commit crimes against Earth and humanity go free.

Truth-tellers called Whistle-blowers reveal global war crimes
From “Collateral Murder” to the “Kissinger Papers”
involving branches of government from finance to judiciary corruption,
now with Snowden we know that the War Criminals are watching everyone else.

Their names fail to come off the President’s lips publicly,
while we hear of secret calls to governments “urging” them to deny
asylum to someone the U.S. deems criminal, against corporate interests.
Keep funding Egypt to buy weapon manufacturers tools.
Forget that President Obama also called the South African President
to dissuade him from providing safe passage home to Haiti for the Aristead’s
after years in exile following U.S. backed coup, so in Egypt, “who knew?”
that the aid money from U.S. would not support the people but a military coup.

DREAMS, he sells the substance of their lives
to support the shadows of imperialist lies,
Liberty and democracy, a hollow hypocrisy of morality,
bankrupt hearts and debt labour econnomy.

Dr. King was in Memphis in in solidarity with the working mai’n.
It was striking sanitation workers that brought him to the Lorraine.
Exactly a year earlier at the Riverside Church in New York

King had denounced war as an enemy of the Poor
And proclaimed his fight to “attack it as such”.
But war profiteers were not having as much.

They killed the Dreamer and Never the Dream

This systems uses capitalist shadows
to sell the substance
of those dreamers willing to put their lives
on the line for everyday justice.

“Longevity has its place”,
but the soul leaves an immortal trace.
And in these times of “moral crisis” for humanity
Hell is “reserved for those who maintain neutrality”

The legacy of fighting to end poverty
Requires more than wearing a mask.
Labor rights are human rights
from Memphis to Bangladesh.

And a minimum wage is not a living wage,
As all deserve dignity at any age.

From states like Wisconsin and Michigan
the corporate government legislates unions away,
then from companies like Wal-Mart and McDonald’s
workers rebel against bosses without union sway.

Actions speak truer than words.

Edward Snowden revealed the truth
of the massive surveillance coup
where every intimacy is filed and known
just like the F.B.I. tapping every phone
of Malcolm and Martin and Kwame Ture
The watching and stalking of truth tellers continues this day.

The wages of Truth and Justice will be Paid.

A. Phillip Randolph was born in Florida
and fought hard there to change and create
the laws that would change
the U.S. apartheid state.

Black folks and anti racist allies
whom  I love still live there,
where in “solidarity forever”
with their struggles, I will NOT despair.

We are  boycotting militarized capitalism everywhere!

The global Stand Your Ground mentality
crosses state lines and even nationality.
You gonna cut off North Carolina for Amendment One?
or Egypt for the military slaughter of protestors unarmed?

Malcolm and Martin took the cause to the global stage,
shouting out to the world with compassionate rage,
They made an appeal to international conscience and minds
Who were not fed their stories from corporate media lines.

Calling out this country’s un-just-u.s.
revealing the contradictory moral practice
of torturing for truth and policing for security
all the activists in the social justice community.

The government planted bugs,
drugs, guns, bombs and spies
To control and catch activists
in a manufactured web of lies.

Divide and conquer.
Unions busted.
And now busting called “right to work”.
Dear Mother Jones would be heartbroke.

Workers began to stripped of union powers early in 1980’s
By  President Reagan threatening to fire striking airline workers, union reps.
then every President after followed in his footsteps.

And how would the Union of  Train Car Porters feel
after all their courageous work to repeal
the laws of economic and  employment Jim Crow?
A. Phillip Randolph & Zora Neal Hurston know.

They were from Florida
and I will not cut off their stories and forget
their  struggles to stand on just free ground
with full dignity, humanity and no regret.

To leave a legacy of love
from every unnamed slave
That refuses to be erased
in an unmarked paupers grave.

When asked what stories
and legacy you will leave behind
for the next generation
of liberationists to find,
will you answer with integrity
of soul heart and mind?

Like Nina and Pauli and Octavia
James, Sojourner and Frida
Like Bayard and Audre and Marsha
Sylvester, Langston and Zora
showed me how to imagine Dream and Do
Call out to the Ancestors who Love and Inspire YOU

To “Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die
life is a broken-winged bird
that cannot fly”

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